Saturday, February 8

Nutrition: Despite the long run, only ~2100 calories. Surprisingly un-hungry. Probably helps to be running 12-2 then napping soon after - entirely missed lunch. Letting it be, but will not try to restrict tomorrow in case that's is when the body decides to replenish.

Sleep: 9.75 (!) hours in bed, 945p-730a, 88% quality. Up at 5a to let Hank out, MORE than happy to go straight back to bed, very grateful I wasn't joining the 6a run. Pretty solid otherwise, but Hanky did wake me up again at 730a, the restless brat. Post-run, I wasn't especially tired, so I puttered; but at 4p I crashed and enjoyed a solid 1.5-hours in bed, but again Hanky was tromping and waking me up, was at most an hour of sleep.

Healthy Movement: Body was feeling decent. No specific aches or pains in lower body. Weather was  between layers so I wore compression socks on the run itself, then kept them on all day. Run/walk went okay, not as good as hoped, but at least I got two hours of forward motion in, 80% of it running. Hips were the first to show fatigue, then blisters began to form along the inside of my ball-of-foot callus (a spikes issue), and then ankles started in a little as well, just feeling stiff and immobile. So, I packed it in at 2 hours instead of the 2.5-3 that I had expected to be a piece of cake. I can keep doing this, and plug in deloads at shorter distance but longer run stretches...if it works. I thought today would have worked a lot better, so I'm not really sure what else to do. Post-run, used PVC and stretched, particularly hams/glutes (had used NSS as parking spot). Left ball of foot joint ached a bit in the eve, and right hamstring was tight.

Other than the run, I was sitting all day, working on taxes and bill-paying and the like. My mouse is way too far ahead (left side) which could be a factor in the left shoulder weirdness. Forgot about the batwing holds until eve, logged 'em then.

Fun & Play: Found a little time for reading. Well-behaved pets. Taxes & bill-paying!

Stress Management: Upset the walk/run didn't feel easy nor get me farther. Upset to even be doing a walk/run. Feeling defeated.

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