Saturday, February 22

Nutrition: So. Many. Calories. Being snacky post-run will do that. Shoulda gone earlier and napped away the snackiness. Hubs made ribs for supper, our belated Valentine's dinner. It'll do!

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 930p-530a, 93% quality. Woke often: 1230a, 330a, 430a, thanks a lot, snoring husband and obnoxious pets!

Healthy Movement: Body feeling pretty good. Not really excited to run, but it must be done. Boston is two months from yesterday, so suck it up, buttercup. I couldn't face the weather, though, not even with sunshine and above-zero temps. So I treadmilled it up. Less than I'd hoped for, but I got time on feet, no injuries, it's something. Now I just need to unfriend all the successful runners who are totally killing it on DM...or remind myself that not one of them could keep up with me at NSS. And that it's the trade-off I want. Accept it like an adult, Sabrina. Wore compression socks during, after, and to bed. Left hip and glute were achey but that's it!

Fun & Play: My financial smarts will save us $50/month soon. Yeah! Evening laziness.

Stress Management: Septic system issues. Ugh, gross. Apparently our drain field is frozen, nothing to be done, tank pumped, conserve water so we don't need it done again. Fucking winter.

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