Saturday, February 15

Nutrition: Why do tiny cafés have such pathetic excuses for a chef salad? Romaine, diced ham, bit of tomato, a HB egg, that's it. At least find a little bacon to crumble up, willya?

Sleep: 9.75 hours in bed, 945p-730a, 88% quality. Stayed up too late watching some Olympics, wild animals woke me at 3a, 5a. Got up at 5a to let both dogs outside then went right back to bed, and happily fell back. Did not get up swearing, finally!

Healthy Movement: Body in great shape other than tender upper back. Did my Row Mania basement workout. Would've been a beautiful day to run, but was happy to play She-Hulk. Bonus stability challenge on TGUs: Hank in my face!

Fun & Play: No visiting Amy, as Miss Maya was born overnight via emergency C-section. Met Terri and Juliet (& Hailey) for lunch at the Ding Dong in Sauk, which was fun, but we weren't allowed to order breakfast, what the FUCK, yo. (Not only no breakfast, but a stupidly lame salad, gah!) However, was delightful to hang with those ladies and hear even more about New Zealand. So imminent. So sad, wonder if I could ever afford to go there, helluva long/$pendy trip.

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