Saturday, February 1

Nutrition: Pre-run nutrition was GF toast w/ coconut oil & jelly, and a chia/fruit pouch immediately before. Energy was fine. Banana pouch immediately after.

For lunch I had a BLAT & strawberry kombucha, and it was fantastic; pretended the bright sunshine meant summertime as I chowed. At the very least, we're past January, right?

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 930p-445a, 85% quality. Solid until 330a, dozed thereafter. Napped solidly 130-330p, like a boss.

Healthy Movement: Body slightly improved - but upper back still feels tight as hell. Didn't know what to expect for the run, but it was going pretty well, averaging 8:45 pace comfortably, but the blister on the arch of my left foot started to hurt at a mere 3.5 miles. That was a good turning point in the route, otherwise I would've been stuck with 8+ miles, so I took it. On the solo trip back to my car, I discovered I could avoid the blister pain most of the time, but I was already mentally set on being done at the car, so I was. Only 5.6 miles. Disappointed at how eager I was to take that reason to quit after telling myself all I has were excuses; what has happened to "it's only skin," Sabrina?

My solo pace indicates that I should really ditch Dan for the longer runs; I absolutely should not be trying to run them at an 8:30 pace, or I'm going to keep crashing. I read up on Phil Maffetone & his heart rate recommendations, which indicate my long runs should be at a rate of 130-140...and today was freaking 178. My exercising heart rate has always been high, but that's a huge difference; I can't imagine not having IT band issues if I slowed down enough to be 130-140. I don't know what to do. One thing I can try: track spikes. Ordered three pair of shoes; thanks for the free shipping, Amazon. (Christ, I'm sick of blowing money on winter running gear!)

Came back home & logged 40 min of walking on the treadmill, to make up the missed time on feet and because I could do that barefoot, then did yoga a couple hours later. Avoided crocodile pose again, after testing it one time (it still hurt like a bitch); just held plank each time. Tried some pull-ups, even ring pull-ups, and those felt fine. The hell is going on, body?

Rest of the day: laziness. Wore compression socks all day after treadmilling. At least my shins seems to be doing fine, so I am thankful for that. Upper back tightened up again in the eve, so I finally took some ibuprofen, and also tried a hot cup of Natural Calm, just before bed.

Fun & Play: Watching Hank hunt mice while I treadmilled. Yoga. Texting with my Buddy. Snuggle time with kitties. Fetched new (used) garage fridge (more freezer space!) from the parents. Went to our niece/goddaughter's first birthday party, the one postponed from last blizzardy Sunday. She couldn't possibly be any cuter!

Lovin' her cupcake.

Laughing at Uncle Troy.

I call this one "Mutual Distrust."

We gave her the My Very Own Name book,and for a whole second she looked interested!

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