Monday, February 3

Nutrition: Three very large meals, zero snacking. Something has to change, let's try this.

My JoyBuddy delivered me some delightful lemony fudge-like treats. I ate them all. SO GOOD.

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 9p-445a, 76% quality. Not enough, but Hanky's tromping woke me. Bleah.

Healthy Movement: Thought I was feeling pretty good, but knees were oddly stiff going down the stairs, and shins hurt on jacks/flings in class warm-up. Thought shoulders were better until I demonstrated DB OH press on left side and it hurt quite a bit - yesterday it was only horizontal press that hurt, and vertical was all good! ARGH.

Headed out for a lunch run with no real plan. Went to the bike trail, knowing Heidi H has been running on it - but I should've had my spikes, it was tough with no traction. Right ham tightness seems to be tied to foot slippage. I also tried to go slow enough to see a heart rate under 150, but that was impossible. It was a run/walk because the shins hurt, as did my right big toe's blood blister when I landed wrong. Ugh. Everything about the run told me, "Fuck this winter running thing." Although I saw a giant snowshoe hare, that was pretty cool. I think I need to concede that a run/walk plan is in order for my long runs.


Post-run, my feet were very purple. I sat for two hours in the afternoon (quiet work time) which felt good - I was physically tired and working on something mentally draining.

Fun & Play: A treat from my Buddy. Husband time.

Stress Management: Meetings that I have to skip (and feel guilty about). Husband leaving for two weeks. Shitty runs and sore shins. So. Much. Work. I wrote up the review for my most difficult direct report today, and it was INCREDIBLY draining.

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