Monday, February 24

Nutrition: Getting treats back under control. Packed smaller portions of my chicken carnitas. Selected the smallest available banana. Little efforts, but I will make them add up. I mean, when a long run makes your belly button start chafing, you're going to feel like a fat fuck and be more eager to make some changes.

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 9p-5a, 94% quality. I guess so. Woke at 330a, fell back; Hank was tromping and whining to get out promptly at 5a. Bleah. I could have used another hour.

Healthy Movement: Body feels great. Left shoulder pinchy. Somehow, I had a pretty good lunch run. I actually was able to tack on extra distance even halfway in, since my route was shorter than I'd judged. Normally, lately at least, I would just be all, "WHELP, I lucked out today, yee haw short run!" Music helped distract me when I started feeling weak. Concentrating on the music stops the brain from even thinking. Like, you ever listen to the lyrics of "Magic Bus"? Man, EVERYONE must've been high in the 60s...and see, you can't think about how heavy you're panting if you're busy dwelling on this.

Fun & Play: Good run. Productive day.

Stress Management: Dustin said I was not rude yesterday. I'm going to try to believe him. Even if I did seem rude, I can believe that he didn't much notice, and/or wouldn't dwell on it. Generally speaking, boys (sexist statement ahead) don't dwell on shit like girls do. And Dustin in particular is very "water off a duck's back" when it comes to something like this. I would pay big money for that attitude myself.

Worked on the annual review for my second-most-difficult direct report - very draining. She's been doing SO much better recently, but the self-review that she submitted is a reflection of the old her, and I'm very feeling stressed by this. If it's all in her head, how do I help her? Especially when I can't even help my own self when I get the same way? 

And this is so incredibly cheesy, but how do I show my people that I love them? I mean, that I really and truly care about them and I want them to succeed - preferably right where they are, because that's best for me (hey, just being honest) - but if not, then I would certainly support them going somewhere else if that's what's ultimately best for THEM. How do I convey that they have power to own their situation in life, how do I help them realize it's SO FAR BEYOND time to stop thinking they are a victim of circumstances outside their control? If someone has ALWAYS had this victim mentality, is there any way to change it?

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