Friday, February 7

Nutrition: Began taking fish oil today. Fingers are crossed. Planning to double-dose on Friday & Saturday. Also went back to double-dosing D sometime this past week.

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 945p-515a, 89% quality. Hubs kept me up late (he left for FL today...gone for two whole weeks); and the body, Hank, & Oscar woke me up early. I want a nap.

Healthy Movement: Body decent. Logged two 10-sec batwing stretches in the AM, forgot in the PM. Neck muscles feel tender, when I press on them, pretty much fine when I stretch them. Half day of standing, afternoon sitting at NSS.

Noticed that when I put myself into "shoulders back & down" position, the left has to go much farther backward in order  to go down. So I tried to keep my focus on good posture at NSS; was a lot of work! Not sure what would be different between the two sides other than the mouse on my left hand, but maybe I'm logging longer hours in front of a computer and on top of that, the extra pressing, less pulling, and, oh, extra life stress, is multiplying the imbalance. Or maybe it's some crazy Z-Health type thing where my right leg is having issues so my left arm is, too. Wouldn't surprise me anymore, the body is impossibly, frustratingly complex.

Would have chillaxed in the hot tub, but that leaves me feeling dehydrated, and that's no way to start a long run. Iced shoulder for a bit, just before bed.

Fun & Play: Olympics kick-off at work. Perusing Carly's Pinterest page - she has potential to be among my favorite people - and sharing it with my Buddy. Afternoon at NSS.

Stress Management: I feel like I shouldn't have left TS as early as I did, before we had every company closed; yet I'm totally fucking superfluous in the close process these days, they didn't need me anyway; but it looks bad, and as a lead, I actually have to be conscious of what people thing when I would prefer to tell them to fuck right the fuck off. (Love me some bitchy moany run-on sentences today!)

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