Friday, February 21

Nutrition: The poor sleep (again) made me feel insanely snacky. Wanted to Eat All The Things. Totally did. Fat, not carbs, because that's exactly what I was craving. I believe I have put away an entire jar of Sunbutter over the week. Um. 
Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 915p-515a, 87% quality. Hubs kept me up late. Hank and/or cats woke me at 330a. Hank started running around like he was trying out for Jackass at 5a. I seriously threw a pillow at him. So. Tired.
Healthy Movement: Body feels pretty good. Wore boots with a 1" heel today and was immediately annoyed with myself and wanting to sit. I did lock myself into an office to work on a review, so I sat for a couple hours, then again for about 4 hours at NSS.
Fun & Play: Productive morning at TS, knocked out another review. Fun and also productive afternoon at NSS, made a bitchin' chart that impressed the boys. As it should, since it shows them how amazing they've been doing there.
Stress Management: Winter. Running. Fuck all. Roads are icy thanks to all this wind. How the fuck am I supposed to run tomorrow? I'm wondering if I should attempt my 4/1 on a treadmill. But 2.5-3 hours on a treadmill? REALLY? Shoot me. So, then I started plotting a run to the east, with the wind, and having the hubs pick me up. I would make it nearly to Sauk Centre! That sounds pretty badass, I have to say. Regardless, it won't be 6a, so I have time to figure it out.

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