Friday, February 14

Nutrition: Right on.

Sleep: 8.5 hours in bed, 915p-545a, 86% quality, total bullshit. Slept solidly until 330a, when Hank began dancing like a jerk, and cats began scratching like assholes. I did a lot of yelling for what felt like a full hour. Did fall back at some point (415a or so according to my sleep graph), and woke to more dancing at 530a. I literally got out of bed yelling, "Fuck ALL OF YOU!" Happy times!

Healthy Movement: My butt hurts. Yay, deadlifts! Tried a couple straight-bar pull-ups at NSS but my shoulder disliked, so I stopped. Lazy at home.

Fun & Play: Friday. Thank every god ever imagined. I am so ready for sleeping in and naps. (And I may get neither, but at least there is possibility!) Very productive afternoon at NSS and got to see Dustin TGU a 100-lb KB, damn! 

Valentine's Day fun, silly emails, a couple homemade cards. My husband got this one:

Referred to myself as Donkey Kong on DailyMile - it is HIGH TIME that I stop being sad about being an inferior runner and instead start highlighting my beastliness.

Received a reply from Amanda Trusty on the videos I sent:
Thank you SO much. This is so perfect! Can't wait to show you the final project-thank you for contributing! Your courage and generosity is going to help change a lot of lives! 

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