Wednesday, January 8

Nutrition: No breakfast, not even coffee: fasting for a blood test. Cruel.

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 9p-5a, 90% quality. That's a little optimistic. Hop came home at 11p & I woke up then. Also felt like I was doing a lot of tossing & turning; I know I saw the clock at 3a.

Healthy Movement: Extremely sore from squats; deload week, but they were incredibly deep (and also, 8x4 is a lotta reps). Left side of neck is still tight, not quite back to where it was yesterday morning, but close. Right side is normal. Did class warm-up and the shins were in a better place than on Monday's warm-up. Movement felt good.

Got out for a 4.55m (!) lunch run and tested my theory that the lakes would make for good trails, and they TOTALLY DO. It was like running on trails! But best of all, my shins were fine. Like, nothing at all. Very very relieved, but why the three days of panic & teeth-gnashing, body? Was that really necessary?! Also, the incredibly sore quads did not even speak on the run...another good thing to remember. (They screamed like bitches afterward, though. SO. SORE.) Neck was looser post-run, normal by day's end.

Met Holea (and Mitzy!) for some evening sled pushing, which felt totally great. And as I caught sight of myself in the mirror while pushing, I thought, "Fuck Hop's reaction, I god damn love my arms!"

Fun & Play: Another great class, the boys complained about how much they ached, yet they smoked today's plan - very satisfying to teach today! A productive morning. An amazingly "up" run for what felt like the first time in ages. Productive afternoon.

Stress Management: That run turned my brain 180 degrees.

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