Wednesday, January 29

Nutrition: Had a larger breakfast in an attempt to avoid snacking today. Still felt snacky at usual times; still downed some coconut butter at 10a...and promptly felt quite sick. Also felt more snacky than usual in the late afternoon. Go away, snackiness! I didn't miss you!

Sleep: 8.5 hours in bed, 9p-530a, 92% quality. Woke a few times but always fell back. Woke naturally. Still a bit slow-moving in the AM, long leisurely breakfast. Grateful for no class this week.

Healthy Movement: Body feeling unrecovered. Stiff & sore quads thanks to yesterday's squats. Calves fatigued when standing at desk yesterday & today; perhaps just not enough regular change in movement? Right shin on stairs: not good. Struggled to find the motivation to go out and run; read my vision file, used the lure of warmth (relatively speaking) & sunshine. Sprinted due to roads in neither bare nor spiked conditions. It was better than straight running for both body & mind, but fuck if I ever need to run in January again. So fucking DONE with winter running and injury anxiety. Wore compression socks rest of the afternoon. Had planned to pull the sled with Holea, but she canceled on me (sore hip). Winter needs to go fuck itself, seriously.

Fun & Play: Mary's powerlifting excitement. Watching TV with the kitties. Otherwise today was rather a drag.

Stress Management: Winter, please die. Had to sit down and do a brain dump today, sensing that the brain is starting to lean out over that abyss of being overwhelmed, defeated, stressed out, hating the world...and I absolutely don't need to fall off that cliff. Just not at the recovery level I need to be, both physically & mentally. High hopes that having Friday off TS will help.

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