Wednesday, January 15

Nutrition: I scored FIVE Reese's Pieces today. Better not push for more than that. Also, my talented, generous Buddy made vanilla bean almond milk: incredible stuff! Had some in coffee, had some more in tea. Noms.

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 9p-445a, 84% quality. Pretty solid. Woke a few times, like 2a, 3a, 4a. BUT I got up feeling like I had a very solid night. Yeah!

Healthy Movement: Low back is still a little tight, but movement helps. Finding that desk-standing requires more attention be paid, lest I get too much arch in the very area that's a bit annoyed. Very nearly skipped my run because of the many little aches, but decided I had no reasons not to run, only excuses. So I ran, and it was okay (not great, not awful), and I sent much hate outward to asshole drivers, swearing aloud several times (usually "move the fuck OVER") and I stretched really well afterward. I also wore my sexay purple compression socks afterward, just in case they might help, but the right lateral knee pain was kinda sorta there, late in the day. Low left back was a little annoyed all afternoon.

Fun & Play: Great fun class. PTO request in for Boston. RAK day that involved putting quarters into vending machines to delight others.

Registered for some Community Ed classes I've eyed up for several years now: rain barrels, healthy lawns, composting, landscaping w/ native grasses.

Oh, and that community spelling bee that I mentioned a while back? I registered, holy crap, I did. I've been waffling because I'm good, but let's be realistic, I'm probably not the BEST, but maybe the best won't register, right? And regardless, it will be fun, because it's right up my nerd alley. So why not? So, in a moment of confidence, I registered. Now it's time to get back to reading actual books rather than listening. Must see more words!

Stress Management: SO MUCH TO DO. Company announced no raises, worried about team member reactions. Who's gonna be the first on our team to bail? And create mountains of stress and work? (Just wait til after Boston, please, for the love of Pete.) Hit a deer on the way home, felt terrible for her. Car damage is very minor, thankfully.

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