Wednesday, January 1

Nutrition: Bit high, more carbs than usual, trying to replenish from runs and happy up the body. 

Acne: Continuing to react. Too many restaurant meals with unknown ingredients (including one today). Gah.

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 1030p-645a, 94% quality. Woke to Lexi at 2a, she laid back down when I told her to. Up to let both of them out at 4a, but able to fall back.

Healthy Movement: Body felt good when I got up, a little right shin pain. 3.39m run went well, was pushed faster than comfortable, legs a bit tired from yesterday. Right shin a little worse in eve. Hot tubbed and avoided anxiety.

I still haven't decided what to replace my 5000-count goal with, if anything. True pull-up grip? Squats? Burpees? Push-ups? Minutes of silent, still meditation?

Fun & Play: Lazy morning. Group run followed by much socializing. Lunch with my oldest goddaughter. Fetch with pooches. Listening to a hilarious audiobook.

2013 "Grateful" notes consolidated, which means I revisited the ups & downs of the entire year, from massive tax season/Boston/NCP/promotion stressors; to blissed-out spring & summer running, Hanking, and body happiness; to father-in-law's hospitalization and death; to fall trail outings; to winter ROUSing & benching & pulling.

As I read some of my writings around Boston, I was filled with excitement to return and to accomplish that dream. Needed that. So grateful now that I am NOT returning to the stress of tax season.

Stress Management: I am ending the mentoring thing. I semi-decided this a week ago, and it has been a load off. I don't like quitting, I don't like that my lead will know I've quit, but it's more stress than help. I'm over-thinking and over-analyzing and that's something I need to do LESS of, not more. I do need to think about the future and how I want to be intentional with my time, but NOW is actually a terrible time for that. The next 2 months mean high work stress, the next 3.5 mean high physical stress, and both lead to high mental stress - so let's not add anything unnecessary, eh?

Temperance: So sad at how much time and energy and ME was wasted on body comp goals. I weighed myself this morning, and it seems I am 145 lbs and thus pretty much exactly the same weight I was a year ago. Except healthier, and stronger, and happier. So it's time to stop wasting the time and energy and accept I have found a place of body happiness, and now I simply have to make the brain happy with it...simple, not easy. But necessary.

And...I'm going to stop the daily gratitude notes. Obviously not because I'm ungrateful, but because they started feeling like I was scrounging. And that's defeating the purpose. I have amazing people in my life, and am lucky at all of my jobs, and I love running trails and lifting heavy and eating bacon and drinking coffee. I think that pretty much covers it!

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