Tuesday, January 28

Nutrition: Felt I could Eat All The Things again today. Thanks, poor sleep.

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 845p-5a, 85% quality. More like 70%. I was still awake at 1030p, actually got up twice, once for water, and a second time to shut off the humidifier and take bones away from the chewing dogs out in the living room, both of which I could fucking hear through my ear plugs! Woke at 3a, fell back, dozed from 4a onward. UGH.

Healthy Movement: Feeling near normal. Right ham/glute a bit tight. Did not know what to expect at session, but things went pretty darn well considering Sundays's trashing. Started feeling the left shoulder pinch on the benching when it wasn't perfectly grooved...now you listen here, body, don't you DARE fuck with my bench, I will cut a bitch! Did a super easy stretchy-only yoga video with Holea, felt good.

Fun & Play: Chatting with Mary about powerlifting. Session. Productive afternoon. Yoga. Took Holea grocery shopping with me and drove her back home, for a little bonus fun. Holea made me another scarf, super gorgeous and I couldn't stop petting it, so soft!

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