Tuesday, January 14

Nutrition: Piece o' cake. Enjoying my morning toast quite immensely, makes everything else so much easier to tolerate.

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 845p-5a, 86% quality. Wide awake at 1a (to snoring husband) and thought I'd fall right back, but tossed & turned fr a while before hitting bathroom. Took a while to fall back. Woke again at 330a, fell back. Had at least two dreams about New Orleans - what?

Healthy Movement: Got out of bed feeling like an old person, but improved as I moved. However, left shin is still extremely tight. Session was great, but it didn't FEEL like it was that great - it took Dustin pointing out two PRs (reps on bench & squat) for me to realize it went so well. Bench didn't feel smooth and low back felt a little tight on the squats, everything just felt a little bit off - so if I had felt "on" I probably would've had one hell of a day! Low back tightened up over the afternoon, but not concerning. About half of today was spent sitting, much different than normal. But according to Joy...maybe a good thing! Yoga video with Holea was exactly perfect - held poses longer than the last video so more stretching, though still plenty of mobility. Also some moves that looked hard but were surprisingly doable, always a neat discovery: I'm strong! Logged 8 NG pulls before & 8 after in an effort to keep quantity high since I want to eliminate the hang-and-kip nonsense, at least from the bar. Might keep it on the rings (RINGS!) since muscle-ups are likely to require kips (MUSCLE-UPS!) at least at first.

Fun & Play: Session. Tire-sourcing for CJ. Yoga with Holea. Productive meetings.

Stress Management: Tough-ish chat with direct report this morning. She took it well but I feel like I had to throw my lead(s) under the bus because I couldn't suck it up and just tell her what needed to change without deflecting the orders to someone else. Because I want everyone to LIKE MEEEEEEEE. And afterward, felt like she was busy chit-chatting to everyone else about it. Maybe. Or maybe I'm paranoid. Either way it is not my problem, right?

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