Thursday, January 9

Nutrition: Time to test something, face has been fairly clear for a week now, so I had toast three times today. TOAST!! Oh, such bliss. However...a cyst developed over the day. From where? Dunno. Gah! No toast tomorrow.

Discovered an amazing treat at supper: microwave your jar of coconut butter for a bit, just to get it softened and easy to grab chunks out. Put chunks into dish with your frozen banana slices (which were to be saved for "ice cream"). A delicious combo!

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 9p-5a, 84% quality. Woke at 2a, and was in/out there onward. Mind raced for a  little while (thinking about the physical crash that began on Friday, and why), but mostly it was restful. Hanky roused me a little too early, but I got up feeling good.

Healthy Movement: Body is feeling appropriate aches & pains. Left neck is still there but much improved. Shins a bit achey but feels like muscles. Quads still bitching about squats. All of this is just fine with me. For my session today, I got to train with a hot blonde today (Holea) as Dustin set up the new equipment - the boys looked like they were setting up their own playground! I returned tonight for a yoga video with Holea, and the new squat rack looks SHARP. Yoga felt good but the lady moved too fast, really wanted to sink into some of those stretches and she seemed more about the mobility. Feel like I've lost all prior yoga-based flexibility, but I definitely feel the increase in strength.

Fun & Play: Team treats. Planning team fun. The FORECAST. Session! Yoga.

Online shopping!

Stress Management: I feel like a brand new person again. These emotional extremes have gotta stop, no?

Been considering my goals for 2014...and what the implications might be of not having any. For me, little miss goal-setter and data-tracker, this would be a huge, ginormous change. No goals? WHAT? I would still track the things that matter, but without a set goal.

If I don't try to burn x calories, will I quit working out? Bitch, please.

If I'm not trying to do 5000 pull-ups, does that mean I'm no longer doing 100 per week? Hardly. I'm still going to go at them obsessively, and also going to keep working on a muscle-up. Why else would I be putting rings in my own garage?

If I don't have a 2014 mileage goal to aim for, will I run any less? Doubtful. Without or without a targeted annual mileage, I will be running based on the training necessary for my events (Boston, Norseman, Train & Stay, etc) and not just to log miles. That last run of 2013 was totally due to the mileage goal, and it was a mental victory fo' sho', but...not physically necessary. And hey, perhaps it was a contributor to my crash this weekend. Without the goal, I probably would have logged an OHP day and planned to go a little longer on New Year's.


Again, this would be pretty damn huge for me. Like, I need time to process the very idea.

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