Thursday, January 23

Nutrition: Felt quite snacky this morning and at supper. Blaming poor sleep. Overate at supper which is sure to lead to MORE poor sleep. Genius.

Ordered a new coffee maker today, sick of fighting with my shitty Keurig. This one both accepts K-cups AND does a full pot, so most days I can just make a normal pot and the hubs will have some, too. (He better learn to like it black as tar.) More treats: pumpkin spiced donut-flavored coconut butter, a 6-pack of Sunbutter (1/3 the cost of my local option!), spicy sweet beef jerky by the makers of my beloved pork jerky, AND microwavable pork rinds without any junk!

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 930p-545a, 85% quality. In late due to supper with friends in Sauk, woke regularly 3a onward. Hop let Hank out at 430a or so, dozed in/out after that. Would have loved another hour, but this was already sleeping in.

Healthy Movement: Neck/shoulder area is a little bit jacked up again. From WHAT? Solid session, though there's a little something going on during dips; left shoulder is pinchy, though it doesn't actually hurt. Probably relates to neck tightness? Yoga session was too easy, but the stretches felt good on the hammies.

Fun & Play: Another new-bed attempt for Hank & Lexi. Session. Yoga w Holea. Chatting with the hubs.

Personal Growth: I ordered the Desire map book, Joy!

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