Thursday, January 2

Nutrition: Again throwing in some extra carbs via breakfast yam - creaky legs.

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 830p-445a, 97% quality. Correct. Woken by Hanky, but was already in dozing mode so I got up feeling nicely rested.

Healthy Movement: Legs be aching. Iced shin & right knee during breakfast. Shin pain is now on the lateral side, a little too close to the IT band issue for my liking, but hopefully two rest days will do the trick. Session wasn't the best on lower body nor pulls, but massive dip success! Legs were much improved by evening. Note to self: just move. It helps.

I re-requested an old tire from my husband this morning. I'm really liking the sound of "5000 tire flips" - sounds pretty BA, no?

Fun & Play: Highly productive work day. Real, honest, excellent convo with my lead. Chatty supper with my hubs. Clyde in my lap. Snuggling with Hanky. Changed my phone's wallpaper from the 15-pull-ups goal to my WW poster:

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