Thursday, January 16

Nutrition: One of those days where I wanted to Eat All The Things. And kind of did.

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 915p-515a, 73% quality. Wide awake at 1a (snoring hubs, lost an ear plug) and couldn't fall back, so I got up for bathroom, water, and fell back decently after that. Hanky slept in today, wasn't in & prancing around until quarter AFTER 5 rather than quarter TO 5. Nice!!

Healthy Movement: A little all-over fatigue and creakiness, but no specific pain points. A typical Thursday, really. Session went pretty great, again didn't feel that great, but performance was PR-filled. Most fun of all, though, was watching Mary deadlift an amazing 315# and make it look easy. Too fun! Can't wait to spectate at the meet - just one more week!

Had a curious 1am thought: what if I did mobility work after every run? I feel like that might tell the body: "Yes, you're tired and depleted and dehydrated, but you are not injured. See? All joints have full range of motion. You're fine. Don't freak out in response to what just happened." Along the lines of the Z-Health concepts. Also, I've read lately that the whole point of long runs is less about conditioning your joints & muscles, and more about conditioning your mind that you are not going to hurt yourself, it's okay to keep doing this foolish thing, there's no need to shut down the muscles & stop this nonsense. Each time you go a little longer, you tell the brain it's okay to go that far. (Central Governor Theory.) Worth a shot anyway, right?

Fun & Play: Highy productive day. Excellent meeting with my lead. Fun session. Terri's visit scheduled, one month from now, thus I'll be seeing Baby Subrt in a month, too (unless she's still in hiding). Snuggle time with baby Clyde while catching up on the DVR.

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