Sunday, January 12

Nutrition: Exactly on par, and easily so.

Food prep: slow cooker spare ribs pork carnitas, roasted parsnips, baked yams, breakfast sausage, salads. I am set for a delicious week!

Sleep: 9 hours in bed, 1045p-745a, 38% quality. 38%!! That is because Mitzi barked me awake at 5a (she was in bathroom [cats wouldn't let her on the bed]), and so I took her to the couch and tried to get her to nap with me. All the other pets were too active for her to settle down. And I had no ear plugs. Felt like I should just get back up, but at some point I must have fallen asleep because my alarm woke me. Of course, at that time, the critters were all calm & sleepy and I probably could have made it another hour. DAMN THEM. Regardless, I got up feeling okay, but napped 1-3p with Oscar, which was wonderful.

Healthy Movement: Got up with incredibly tight calves. But that's it. Even my hips felt fine. Whoa!! I don't even know what to make of that. Right elbow is a little bit achey, as is right wrist. Possibly not liking the yoga? Met up with my Buddy for a fun OH press session, and smoked it with 5 reps on 1+ day. Hot damn! Feeling strong.

Fun & Play: Mitzi & Hanky cuteness. Buddy time. Cat-napping with Oscar. Texting with Holea, planning some fun dates this week. Made candied almonds for the team (they look & smell amazing, but I used TS product with dairy, can't taste-test). Happy & content after a wonderful weekend.

Nature: I played fetch with the dogs for a solid 15 straight minutes today (erm...that's not going to help the elbow ache). It was fucking gorgeous. Even so, perfectly fine not running. Just a mess anyway, right? Still, it was lovely to absorb some sunshine and fresh air and happy dogs. Even the cats went out!

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