Sunday, January 26

Nutrition: I did not eat enough during my run. I've been a little low on protein lately with only a salad at supper. Today involved a return to rice crackers for their blessed saltiness after feeling crampy muscles everywhere, post-run. And a half jar of Sunbutter by day's incredibly depleted.

Sleep: 9.25 hours in bed, 845p-6a, 74% quality. Yeah, if not worse. At least an hour before I fell asleep, awake 245a-4a, got up at some point for water, carbs, bathroom. Fell back until 5a and dozed. Logged a poor-quality nap 1230-2p as well. Felt very tired again at 5p, but too late for more napping.

Healthy Movement: Upper back a little tight but otherwise very good. Great shape for a long run, really. But the 2-hour (14m) run was brutal. Probably too fast to start, and I seem to have run out of calories because it started feeling pretty crappy an hour in already, and the muscles really shut down about 1.5 hours into it. It was a slog there onward, with plenty of walking. Without Dan, no way I would have done it all...probably would've headed for the car pretty close to the halfway mark. Feel bad that I slowed down his pace, but I tried to get him to leave me! 

Post-run we stood chatted for about five minutes, then I drove maybe a minute to the gas station and was already starting to shiver in my car. Was already stiffening up when I walked inside, and the hot coffee seemed lukewarm. I also nabbed a banana and fruit pouch thing to get some calories in immediately, but probably should have done more. Shivered almost the entire 15-minute drive home despite heated seat, coffee, and fan blasting high heat. At home I couldn't strip down to get into that hot tub fast enough, still shivering due to the cold sweat-soaked clothes. Ate an apple as I sat in the hot tub. Drank some water as I did my write-up, not enough. Any stretched muscle felt like it would cramp. Took a nap rather than eat, was so shot & depleted. I haven't felt that awful post-run since I don't know when, maybe ever. 

Got up feeling closer to normal. Serious long run aches in both hips, serious blood blister on right big toe, some smaller blisters that should go down quickly. Used the rumble roller, gently, on entire backside. Added compression socks, but only at 530p, had spaced them completely; slept in them for good measure. Right ham tightened up late in the day, top of right foot felt crampy at bedtime. Developed a sensitive tiny spot of ache, almost like a bruise, left center of spine. No idea what that is from. 

Feeling as beat up as if I did a full marathon - most (and by the far hardest) road miles I've done since Boston last year - and bummed about the walking after my 10.5-miler had gone so well, but then I realized the giant positive: I'm not injured. Not a wink from the IT band. Shins held up just fine (though right one hurt a bit on trip to/from basement around 3p). All of the various pains are truly just aches, nothing injury-level. WIN WIN WIN!!!

Fun & Play: Some of the run was fun. Hot tub bliss. Pet antics. Husband time. Reading. The birthday party for our goddaughter was canceled due to the awful weather, but I am grateful for it - I wouldn't have been good company! And glad I had no need to venture back out into the blizzard. Napping. Going to bed early. 

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