Sunday, January 19

Nutrition: Know what's better than GF toast? Well, almost anything, but in my world, the next step up is a GF English muffin. SO GOOD, the closest I can get to normal bread textures - when toasted, they taste exactly like a normal EM. Bliss!

Sleep: 10.5 hours in bed, 9p-730a, 87% quality. Was dog tired at about 715p, so I read on the couch until I could justify going to bed. Slept like a rock until 3a, at which time I was dozing. Hank needed out at 5a, so I hit the bathroom while I was up. Could have stayed up, but was also certain I could fall back, and after a too-short and poor night Friday, I figured I NEEDED to go back because I wouldn't have nap time today. So I did, and it was glorious. 

Healthy Movement: Body actually feels pretty great today, doesn't feel like I had a long run yesterday. Tough, at one hour, technically it was only medium. But I feel like today I could run the hour I missed yesterday. But...I think I'll just make tomorrow a little longer, not push the lack of recovery. No gain, big risk. Anyway I was already planning to lift with my Buddy, so I had a GuyDudeBro day at the Y. Felt great and since it was OHP deload, just kinda played around with what was fun. It was a JOYFUL date! Low left back a bit tight and achy rest of day. Some movement simply at dog park but otherwise sitting (working - bleah). Hubs installed my rings so I did some test pulls: delicious.

Fun & Play: Sleeping in. Coffee and reading. Silly Clyde antics. Lifting with my Buddy. Dog park to see the Dane puppies who are now giants. Hanky wasn't himself but it was still fun. And a bit chilly. Rings!

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