Saturday, January 11

Nutrition: Did the long run fueled by coconut butter. With the next one I will need fluids and salt tabs. I will attempt to avoid food intake. Let's burn the fat, body!

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 845p-445a, 95% quality. Took a while to fall asleep, but was very solid until 3a, in/out (mostly in) until the alarm told me it was time to get up and RUN.

Healthy Movement: Got up with body feeling pretty darn good. First few steps of run, left shin hurt sharply, but it went away by the first telephone pole. My plan was 10.5 miles or 1:30 time, whichever would be greater, and I nailed 10.5 in 1:31! An 8:38 pace is damn impressive for me - I'd be pleased with that on a freaking half hour run! It wasn't easy, many moments of "Can I maintain this?" but each followed by [the gist of] "Shut up and stick with Dan, and yes you will!" And so I did.

Still had mental strength to tack on the extra few blocks (solo) to hit my goal, and felt capable (though not desiring) of more miles - much better than finishing depleted and shot. No post-run nap but I felt great, energy-wise. Usual long run aches & stiffness set in around supper time or so, but no specific pain points. Can't hope for more than that!

As to why it was the polar opposite of last Sunday...I wish I knew.

Fun & Play: A damn good run. Breakfast with Lisa. Amy's baby shower. Supper with Amy & Amanda. Puppysitting the Mitz.

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