Saturday, January 4

Nutrition: Weird day, managed okay but finished off Sunbutter in eve. Fat addicted again!

Sleep: 7 hours in bed, 930p-430a, 83% quality. Lexi up at 3a with the hubs, dozing in/out 4a onward until I couldn't out-sleep Hank's noise. Got up feeling okay but thankful I wasn't running, as it would have been a slog.

Healthy Movement: Got up planning to work rather than run, but when I discovered I could have run...I was mentally uninterested. Shins are aching enough that I decided to move a treadmill adventure to tomorrow and take a rest day today. I actually considered running figure 8s around NSS for a while, but was thwarted by a different early-morning adventure. Sat most of the day. At one point I bumped my left shin and realized it hurts like a mother with pressure, but right is better. Yet in motion, right is worse. Bah.

Fun & Play: Adventures at NSS. Breakfast with my favorite beast for her birthday. Two pots of coffee and SO much chatting, could have sat there all day. But I had more adventures at NSS to get to! Lots of extra year-end work, which I just love doing, especially when it's for a business so successful and that I am emotionally invested in. Also got to chat with Ms Holea and confirmed we shall start a weekly Prowler Hour date next week to make up for our missed sprints & hills. Hooray!

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