Saturday, January 18

Nutrition: Too much eating, continuing the trend of the past few days. I'm talking 2500 average when normally 1800-2000 with ease, not sure what's going on there. Saw some progress in muscle definition a week or two ago, faded back; is that just my body restoring? Do I need to try to keep it in check? Or will it rebalance naturally? Do I even waste energy on caring? (No.)

Sleep: 7.25 hours in bed, 9p-415a, 80% quality. Not even close. Took a while to fall asleep. Up at 1a for bathroom. Woke at 330a but fell back. Should've let Hank out when I was up at 1a, because, since Hop didn't come home and give him his 11p potty break, poor Mr Hanky needed out at freaking 4a. I was still very much able to sleep (or trying to, at least), so I yelled at him and kept dozing as long as I could, but the boy is persistent.

Healthy Movement: Got up with a tight right hamstring, but the rest of the body felt decent, if a little intimidated by a two-hour run. As I backed out of the garage, I learned we'd gotten a LOT of snow overnight; had I known just how bad the route would be, I would've dashed back inside for my meaty Kahtoolas. I sure could've used them. I ended up running for only one hour. Footing was VERY difficult. First two miles on unplowed roads, usually tire tracks, but pure snow for a decent-enough chunk to suck down the energy level. Plowed roads were still slippery. Pace was MUCH slower than usual, making the tight hamstring upset, even starting to pull on the hip flexors, but primarily it made me fear for the IT band, which 100% hates slow running. By the time I logged the last half-mile on unplowed McKay, I was reduced to nearly a 10:00 pace, and decided to shut myself down. Bummed. Went to work at NSS afterward so I enjoyed the PVC roller and a little bit of stretching. At home in afternoon, a few hours standing to do chores (food prep!) then lazing again. Left low back bugged a tiny bit late in the day. Felt depleted but not too depressed. Used the rumble roller on that hammie, no noticeable change. Wore compression socks all day post-run; again I can't tell if they make a difference - but they can't hurt.

Fun & Play: The roads from home to nearly Alex were unplowed, meaning both stress (since half the time I was on the left side of the road, and shitballs, if I get stuck my hubs is in Westport) but also great fun smashing through snow with my little racecar! Also, grateful for new tires. The run was quite fun at first, four of us slogging it out together. Productive at NSS. Productive at home, lots of food prep. Beautiful end-of-year statement on my 401k, hooray saving! Fun critter-filled day. 

Stress Management: The drive. The shortened run. More hours at NSS than I expected, as I went down the rabbit hole of again revisiting software replacement options, trying to reconcile needs with costs. (Not something I enjoy doing; so many options to investigate and read about and search for reviews on - when I'd rather just be DOING SOMETHING.) Tons to do this weekend, including work for both jobs. Pushed TS to tomorrow and got all my chores done today. Cash flow struggles, will be missing the sweet bonus tax firm check that normally rolls in on February 1. But not the added stress, very happy I accepted the inability to Do It All. But still feel guilty for ditching them. Can't win!

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