Monday, January 6

Nutrition: Breakfast felt too big, almost felt gross eating an entire yam. What? Ate Brussels sprouts for the first time in ages - they go perfectly with my breakfast sausage. But then I completely shattered that healthy choice by mowing through a bag of pork rinds for lunch. Oops.

Ugh: filling out the team's "top 3 treats" spreadsheet, I put in green apple & banana, and....came up blank. Yes there are obviously other treats, but the amount of detail required to make sure it's one I can have is just stupid. For example, "jerky" doesn't work - it would have to say "Jack Links Sweet & Hot jerky." (Which would also be over our spending limit.) I finally went with pistachios.

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 9p-5a, 88% quality. Woke at 2a (cats), awake & tossing/turning until I got up at 245a for bathroom, water, macaroon, and to let Hank out. Was a while before I fell back, then woke naturally at 445a. Wanted to keep sleeping, but class resumed today. Gah.

Healthy Movement: My right neck/shoulder is tight as hell, can't remember if I mentioned that yesterday - started tightening up Saturday night. Abs & lats a bit sore from yesterday's bonus fun, most delicious.

Normal life is fine, but when I jogged during class, my shins hurt as if I really did run my 10 miles yesterday. What the FUCK. I want to cry. Ran errands at lunch - delightful day to do so, in -20F. Gross.

Sat in hot run in eve. Massaged shins and neck/shoulder and enjoyed the cold air/hot water combo. 

Fun & Play: Class was awesomely fun - cranked the AC/DC and the guys did really well for day one back, after about a month off. Immersed in spreadsheets all day, finally solving a giant calculation after about three days of effort. A tea-gram from my Buddy. A direct report more friendly than usual. Silly pets. A peaceful hot tub and early bedtime. 

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