Monday, January 20

Nutrition: Was planning to keep breakfast free of carbs, but...English muffin, dude. Interesting: I looked back and noticed I often snack twice in the morning, once around 9a/930a, and again around 11a. But usually go from 1p to 6p without getting hungry. Need a bigger breakfast, mayhap?

Also: acne reactions happening, and I have four new foods in my daily life, none of which I want to get rid of! Damn. (GF English muffin, rhubarb jelly, turkey pepperoni chips, artichoke dip.) Testing to commence; will remove the turkey pepperoni "chips" & the dip, because the EM & jelly is rocking my world just a wee bit harder.

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 9p-430a, 83% quality. Last night I told Hank he didn't need to wake me at 445a. So, kindly good listener that he is, he woke me at 430a instead. UGH, jerk! Could have slept for ages longer, but felt fine was I was up & moving. Pretty tired in early afternoon, though.

Healthy Movement: Right wrist is aching; have a slight tweak in neck, but only noticed when changing clothes, not bothersome in normal day; return of the ache in low back, WAS bothersome in normal day. High-rep OHP? (I mean, WHOA, sets of 8, Joy feels me!) Faintly feel tightness in the right shin, probably wouldn't have noticed if I wasn't focusing on it.

Spent a lot of time waffling on whether or not to run. Just plain old didn't want to, feeling oddly tired...and the thick-falling snow made it look even less appealing, nearly defeating - definitely not my usual "Oooh, lookit the challenge!" response. So I skipped out like a chump, and felt a little shitty & disappointed in myself. This is not the way to Boston, yo. (And just yesterday I felt like a rock star. What gives?) But since I was in fact feeling nappy, I went to the Tranquility Room and set my BrainWave app for a half hour...not enough, but it helped. A nice gentle 3p stretching & mobility with my JoyBuddy helped the brain, a nice refreshing dose of movement. Pulled the sled after work, with Holea - felt very good, though a little tougher than last week.

Fun & Play: Great class. Finished a tedious big task at work. My lead did not make a big deal at all about the $100k entry I've been stressing over. Received another large facilitation project because I did so well on my last one.

Stress Management: Work: that large facilitation project is at almost the very worst time, ever. Start preparing NOW and present the second week of the audit. I am happy about the project and it will be fun (much more fulfilling than the software research project) but OOF it made me want to go find snacks to chaw. Happily, I did not.

Everyone who is a runner ran yesterday in the delightful warm sunshine. Should I have ran? Should I have ran today? Should I be pushing myself harder? Am I being lazy? Or am I being cautious? Or am I being TOO cautious?

My primary Boston-training goal is to remain uninjured so that I can start uninjured and cross that GD finish line, even if I'm fucking crawling. But perhaps I'm dashing to that end of the spectrum a little too eagerly and should push myself just a little more...I dunno, I am struggling to decide whether I'm being the lazy old verison of me or a simply a conservative version of the new me.

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