Monday, January 13

Nutrition: No issues. Downed [the last of my flavored] coconut butter before the run, again trying to teach the body to fuel off fat.

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 9p-445a, 85% quality. Woke at 1a and felt awake enough to check the time, happily fell back - pretty solid until 4a, then dozing.

Healthy Movement: Achilles still rather tight, left much worse than right - I look like a robot going down stairs. Right arm is actually aching from playing fetch with the dogs yesterday - seriously?! Otherwise I am feeling pretty fantastic. Or I was, until I tried to run. I felt like my knees wouldn't bend as I went - very stiff-legged and awkward. Pushed to the lake & a short little trek along the paths, then at 20 minutes I stopped and stretched each side for a full minute, then walked back. And stretched them both again in the Well, three minutes per side. Pulled the sled after work with Holea, felt good. At home, spent some time on the Rumble Roller: YOWZA. That thing is not nice.

Fun & Play: Great, fun class. Got to brag about Mary's deadlifts to show the boys they can manage 200 little pounds! Productive day. Fun with Holea. Sweet pooches.

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