Friday, January 3

Nutrition: HUNGRY today. And did not bring enough food, ate too many date/pistachio rolls. Super delish though! Overate at supper after a long day.

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 9p-445a, 83% quality. Fairly solid, but woke at 3a, fell back, then dozed 4a onward until dogs got me up. Started getting tired mid-afternoon.

Healthy Movement: Body is feeling significantly better. Inner shins hurt on steps, though (I wouldn't have encountered any yesterday), and glutes are tight. Logged an OH press session that told me to shut down early. Presses went fine, but all pulls felt poor, though I did nearly tip over the squat rack with my swing & pull attempt!

Fun & Play: Extremely productive day. I shall soon have my new iPad in my paws in a week or so. Excitedly planned a badass run for the morning (then learned it might be icy). Kitty snuggling.

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