Friday, January 17

Nutrition: Was doing fine until work stress caught up to me. Finished the Sunbutter and probably need to keep it out of my house for a while. 

Sleep: 9 hours in bed, 9p-6a, 97% quality. Erm, not that good. Woke at 1a to let Hanky out, hit the bathroom myself, and was a little restless after that. Some odd dreaming (boats carrying giant explosives shaped as cupcakes: interpret THAT shit, why don't ya!), and in/out until the alarm woke me at 6. Felt like I could have snuggled deeper and logged at least another hour, but decent energy once I was up & moving.

Healthy Movement: Some tightness in right ham (it also almost cramped on yesterday's dips), and upper body is properly sore from a monster dip day, but otherwise pretty decent. If it weren't my new designated rest day, I'd be totally up for OH press. Which means I should feel even better for tomorrow's run, right? Right!

Fun & Play: Discussing my pull-ups with a coworker I've NEVER talked to before (CJ's father-in-law) because someone else was telling them about me (CJ, obvs) - celebrity status! Afternoon at NSS. Pet time. 

Stress Management: Back to thinking I have a $100k error at work, after having set my mind to rest a full two weeks ago, and that it was only $14k. Fuuuuuuck. Want to crawl into a hole and cry and let someone else fucking deal with this. Stupid gray accounting areas, I hate you! Too much to do at NSS, have to go back tomorrow. 


  1. What do you use to log your sleep? I use an app on my android phone and it has never said anywhere near 97%. I always get around 70.