Friday, January 10

Nutrition: Due to lack of food prep last weekend, I had to stop at the grocery store on my way to work. Tasty enough, but an expensive day. Lesson re-learned: food prep is king.

Sleep: 9.25 hours in bed, 830p-545a, 94% quality. That's a little optimistic, as Hop got up at 3a to head to work and I was awake for quite a while there - but never got up. Woke naturally without alarm, as Mr Hanky was still sleeping after having gotten up with Hop. Nice!

Healthy Movement: Body feels decent. Taking a rest day and moving the "usual" OH press to Sunday with my Buddy! Sat 5 hours at NSS, got up feeling rather creaky.

Fun & Play: Superbly productive work morning. Some fun chats, coworkers in a great mood. Saw my pal Amy as she celebrity-toured TS, but no time to chat - no prob, I'll see her tomorrow. Wonderful afternoon at NSS that included 5 of the peeps, plus Steve's little girl, and was super productive again. And: got my rings! Showed Hop where to hang them. Agreed to puppysit The Mitz tomorrow night, super fun! Happy to help my Holea. Eve time with the hubs.

Stress Management: After everyone left NSS, and it was dark, I was on the verge of feeling truly scared due to last week's theft. Nearly wanted to cry, kept my emotions in check by focusing on my work. Felt the same when I left - paranoid, nervous, anxious, vulnerable. Hate. Do the men feel that at all? Completely unfair, this "weaker sex" bullshit!

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