Wednesday, December 4

Nutrition: Doctor's visit today. Provided a food log for the past two weeks along with an almost-nightly picture of my god-awful ugly-ass depression-creating skin. She thinks I'm eating too much sugar. I have been eating a shit ton of cookies, because they are an easy source of calories, and I do not have many of those.

So pull them out, and watch that fruit intake doesn't boost into a substitute. She asked if I would be okay tallying sugar grams and I almost cried saying no, because that will send me back to obsession town, and fuck that fucking place. She immediately retracted. Instead, just start by ditching the cookies, slay the sugar dragon. And that leaves me back at, essentially, a Whole30. Minus egg yolks or almonds.

This makes me want to cry, why should it be SO MUCH WORK, but I went back and re-read my summary post and okay, fine, it's not THAT bad. If this is the life I have to lead in order to have clear skin, it's worth it. It's also unfair, but as your parents surely told you, life isn't fair.


Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 9p-515a, 97% quality. I slept like a GD rock. I know I woke a couple times, but never got up. Woke naturally at 5a, couldn't fall back.

Healthy Movement: Low back still tight, but improved over yesterday. Started feeling squat legs afternoon onward. Ran on the treadmill at home, and hated it.

Fun & Play: TWO more Alex peeps into Boston, including Jeanne, and I almost freaking cried for her, know exactly how grateful she must be. Hooray! Gave a little RAK gift to a pal, just because. Planted my change in the machines just before second shifters began drifting in. Ordered some treats for some people working massive hours that I plan to give anonymously. Silly Hanky.

Grateful: I guess I'm grateful for a theory. I just wish it was one I liked  better.

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