Wednesday, December 25

Nutrition: Purposely no-carb breakfast, gearing up for holiday eating. Which was appropriately overly-indulgent, but I was smart enough to leave the pumpkin pie with my dad, knowing I would have devoured it within, at most, 2 days, which would've left me hating myself.

Sleep: 10.5 hours in bed, 9p-730a, 85% quality. Up at 3 to let Lexi out, hot bathroom and water, didn't eat. Felt fine but laid awake for over an hour. Restful, mostly calm brain, but could not sleep. Up at 615 to let Hank out, so tired I went back to bed. Up at 730 because I couldn't sleep through Hop getting up with the whiners and hearing them eat. This has got to stop!!

Healthy Movement: Body feels good an weather is warm, but had too much to do for a morning run to be possible. Dashed out for a 2.5m run after lunch, while the rest of the fam played dominoes. It was tough going, unplowed gravel, but felt decent, considering. Afterward, logged my most thorough stretching session in ages & iced all aspects of the lower leg. Right glute/ham insertion a bit tight rest of day.

Fun & Play: Playful pooches. Hop played fetch and they really wear themselves out when they lose a ball on the snow, fun to watch! Enjoyed seeing FB feed full of happy kiddos. Delightful family visits.

Grateful: For the most amazingest cat tower EVAH, built by my papa:

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