Wednesday, December 11

Nutrition: Consciously shoveling in more calories, such as straight coconut butter at supper. It's actually not as delightful as it sounds. Acne is improving slightly. Yay for clear skin, boo for how to get it.

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 9p-5a, 94% quality. Slept pretty solid; woke at some point or two, but never enough to get up. But alarm woke me: ish.

Healthy Movement: Right inner shin fairly sore. Surprisingly nothing in calves despite yesterday's run being in Vibrams. Short enough, perhaps? Lot of meetings & sitting today, and each time felt rather creaky getting moving. 

Post-work 2.64m run was again bleah: ran 5, walked 2, four times. Makes me feel lame, but it was STILL slippery & awkward, and the right shin loosened up as I went, but it just felt all-over MEH to start and only improved slightly. 

Legs very sore in eve, but like from squats. Which were deload!

Fun & Play: Great class with Bob. Productive meetings in the morning. Plans with Miss Holea. Decent weather tolerance. Husband time, actual conversation! Silly pooches, how did I ever live without them?

Grateful: For the gear that lets me triumph over Ma Nature.

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