Tuesday, December 3

Nutrition: Managed some food prep during breakfast, made sausage & Brussels sprouts for the week. Fetched groceries after work but ran out of gumption to make my salads. I really don't accomplish jack shit during the week.

Sleep: 8.75 hours in bed, 915p-6a, 78% quality. The entire house was up at 230a, when Lexi needed to go out, cats freaked out & chased each other across the bed & out of the room, then Hank came in and jumped up on the bed. And wouldn't budge. I don't need these adventures in the wee hours! I got up and hit the bathroom & went back to bed, couldn't fall back, got back up for water & a cookie, and still took a while to fall back. Slept until the alarm woke me - could've used another hour.

Healthy Movement: Feeling decent. Still the occasional low-back twinge, and it's still tight, but much improved. It stayed tight throughout session, but everything was pretty much awesome there. A little worse in the afternoon.

Fun & Play: Hanky glued to my side all morning - I just love my little shadow buddy, though it meant I was extra sad to drive away and leave him standing in the snow, the very epitome of the term "forlorn." I wish to stay home and build snowforts with him all day...although I'm pretty sure he would destroy anything I built, just as soon as I built it, wouldn't it be a delight to watch him go? Productive work day, some bright spots in month-end close.

Stress Management: Part of the reason I want to stay home with Hanky is because work is getting overwhelming again. I'm not just bombarded with projects, I'm also bombarded with things I have to ignore, and I feel guilty doing so, because people need help, and I want to help, but I just physically can't. And also, I don't like the projects I'm working on. Cue the intense return of of my bookkeeping business dreams.

Grateful: For the bench press. I love that fucking lift.

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