Tuesday, December 24

Nutrition: Some addictive coconut butter delivered by my UPS man. Delicious and: yikes. Don't take it to the couch with a spoon, Sabrina. 

Sleep: 10.5 hours in bed, 915p-745a, 89% quality. Up at 145a to let out Lexi (which was apparently her second time up!), took a while to fall back, but that was all mental, body was calm. Woke at 7a and tried to fall back, just dozed until husband left and I gave up...right when it got quiet again, naturally. Regardless, got up feeling really good.

Healthy Movement: Body is feeling great other than shins. Logged 2 miles with my new Kahtoolas - great grip! Shins hurt even after that short outing, though - ugh. Iced afterward, stayed good & lazy the rest of the day. Started feeling yesterday's squats about 6/7p, pretty much right on cue. 

Fun & Play: Sleeping in like a boss. Left a bonus gift for the UPS man - peppermint bark that I had bought for Dustin before remembering he hates minty food - so he will continue tolerating my drop box and overly-friendly doggies. Snugly Clyde in my lap as I type this. Made pumpkin pie for my papa. Cleaned-out closet. Great amount of laziness. Catching up on TV shows. 

Grateful: For a good mental place. I went through all my clothes to cull out all the small stuff, and didn't even feel fat, which is amazing for this brain. A Christmas miracle!

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