Thursday, December 26

Nutrition: Leftover bacon-wrapped water chestnuts for breakfast. That's normal, right? Feel kinda gross, like I need never eat again. Digestive system had its ups & downs and I was really craving my supper salad. Felt fairly normal by then.

Sleep: 8.5 hours in bed, 1015p-645a, 82% quality. Fuck that, it was MUCH WORSE. Got to bed late due to holiday. Took ages to fall asleep, was still awake when Hop got up to let out Lexi at only 11p. Everyone in the house was up at 2a when both dogs went out, and the hubs did not cope well: tried to leave them both outside, but Lexi barked; let her back in, but Hank whined & scratched. At that point I took over: let Hank in and made him lay down, went back to bed for maybe two minutes because he started his quiet-bark, so I got back up, lights on, a bark collar on Hank, putting him to bed on the couch just to get him to stay away from the bed. That worked, finally, but it took at least an hour to fall back, and I slept until my alarm woke me. Could've used a couple more hours, for sure.

Healthy Movement: Body feels good, only the vaguest pain in right shin. Raised my work monitor about two inches to see if that fixes my posture - I constantly find myself slouching and want to make it automatic to stand taller. Good session with CJ (Dustin sick, apparently) but I was a little disappointed with the numbers. Because I didn't set any PRs today, poooor me! (Dumb. Regained perspective when writing it up.) Utter fatigue hit me about 2p...wanted to go home to bed, but I made it. Shin a little worse by day's end.

Fun & Play: Almost no one at work. A session with CJ, who is a delight. Not that Dustin isn't! Just appreciated the bonus time with CJ. Quiet eve at home, kitty on my lap, snoring dogs on the floor (that I woke up regularly, the punks).

Grateful: For my pets. Even when they are jerks, I lurve them.

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