Thursday, December 12

Nutrition: Accomplished some food prep today, making a pound of sausage at breakfast and a half-dozen baked yams in the eve. I also struck gold tonight when the hubs reminded me I had a container of leftover ham untouched. It was on "his shelf" so I had completely spaced it. I promptly devoured some for supper, and it was GDBD (that's "god damned bomb dig," yo).

I also ate a pear with breakfast, grapefruit mid-morning, apple at lunch, and banana "ice cream" at supper. OMG so much fruit, what am I thinking?! I'm thinking healthy calories and carbs after a two-a-day. And let's call it an acne test, too.

Acne: My skin is clear enough (still not clear, but no giant cysts) that I think I'm going to test yeast next week. Yeast, as in my gluten-free bread (toast!) that would make a yolk-less breakfast so much better. And would also serve as a conduit for more snack calories, a la SB&J. And after that, egg yolks. After that, macaroons. After that, cashews. (Can't say I miss almonds so those are not high on the test list.) Of course, I've laid out plans like this before and watched them run amok, so don't quote me.

I've been reading more about the type of allergy test I had done, and apparently they are criticized for providing false positives, or noting a reaction that doesn't actually mean a thing:
IgG molecules mediate interactions of cells with different cellular and humoral mechanisms. IgG antibodies signify exposure to products—not allergy. IgG may actually be a marker for food tolerance, not intolerance, some research suggests.
Well, what the hell? What that tells me: elimination diet is really my only option. Which I've done, several times now, and still have no nice, clear answers. GAH. Here's hoping I can stick to a reintroduction plan.

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 9p-515a, 88% quality. I would have named it 70% quality - woke often 2a onward, probably should've gotten up to eat something but was too effing tired. Also, I the cats were running a marathon obstacle course, starting at about 430a. Jerks.

Healthy Movement: My legs are ridiculously stiff, as if I did a stupid amount of squats on Tuesday. I wonder if the running is hindering that recovery? Or not enough calories? Or not enough carbs? Dustin said he's been seeing this as people get into legit 5/3/1 cycles. Regardless, my complaints made Dustin give me a SUPER light deload on deadlifts in my session. Bah, see if I ever complain again! (Well played, Chief, well played.) Gave myself a teensy blood blister spot, I think from dips. Awesome.

After work, I logged another 30 minutes on the treadmill, still just a run/walk (6/2) to keep it easy. Shins felt better while running than walking. If I log another 1.5 miles tomorrow, that will be 25 miles in 7 days. I think I shall! I'm losing hope that I'll hit my goal of 800 miles in 2013 but I'm going to get pretty damn close if I can just keep on chipping away at it. And at any rate, it helps lay down my base miles for true marathon training, which is right around the corner...gulp.

Fun & Play: Great session, got to practice kipping for the muscle-up. Exciting! Baked cookies with my team for LAHS bake sale this weekend. Good food day. Dose of pooch fun.

Grateful: For helpful friends.

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