Sunday, December 8

Nutrition: Shortcuts, but neither hungry nor thinking about it. Nice! Also, I found genuine pork cracklings in Sauk, hooray!

Sleep: 8.5 hours in bed, 1030p-7a, 92% quality. Solid.

Healthy Movement: Some aches: right hip, right shin. Neck/shoulders better than expected. Bit tired in AM, but made myself get moving and felt more energized after that. Ran after doing dad's bookwork, and it was slow & slippery despite YakTrax, did not feel good, did not go long.

Fun & Play: Sweet pets all morning. Chores done. Random text messages to my favorites that produced some fun convos. Extra silly back & forth with Holea regarding (a) me becoming Mitzi's godmother so I can buy her gifts, and when/how we shall have her barkitized, and (b) Holea having Mitzi's vest embroidered with the NSS logo, and me replying she's earned it because Mitz "can plank like nobody's business." SILLY!

Christmas shopping at WalMart that somehow actually got me excited about the holiday - the normal opposite of everyone else, I imagine. I decided on the homemade treats I will be making for my favorite peeps, and enjoyed seeking out the needed components. Also got cute gift bags for the cookies my team & I will be making to donate to the LAHS bake sale next weekend. Ordered the perfect gift for NSS. Thought up a wonderful idea for the parents, low-cost and high-sentiment, will need to recruit help for it but I think it'll be the bestest.

Grateful: For technology.

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