Sunday, December 29

Nutrition: Easy peasy all day, then snacky in eve. Bah.

Sleep: 9.25 hours in bed, 930p-645a, 95% quality. Up at 430a to a whining Hank, back to bed, shot up at 645a to what sounded like a puking Hank, but luckily wasn't. Stayed up, felt pretty rested.

Healthy Movement: Total rest day. Want to log pull-ups, but have my session tomorrow and hoping to nab my 15 straight. Could run, but on my training schedule, there would be no Sunday running, even on deload weekend. I am putting a much larger focus on running recovery than I usually do, so hopefully this is the key to an injury-free winter. Spent a couple hours on my feet shopping w Emma, otherwise laziness. Oh, and one pull-up as I was in & out of the pantry and couldn't resist.

Fun & Play: Paying bills and seeing how far we've come. Took the $55 in gift cards I received for Xmas and essentially applied that toward my Relay fundraising (since no one took me up on my offer to donate directly...sadly). Really fun lunch & shopping excursion w Emma and visit with her fam - her little sister is no longer shy & timid with me, she demanded that I never leave. Cute!

Grateful: For godchildren. Such fun!

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