Sunday, December 22

Nutrition: Easy. Surprisingly went from 9a to 3p without even thinking about food. What?

Food prep: Homemade pork breakfast sausage (as I made breakfast). Whole bunch of yams baked. Stovetop pork carnitas. 6 salads. Winning!

Sleep: Redonk 11 hours in bed, 10p-9a, 90% quality. Up at 3a for Hank, took ages to fall back. Woke regularly 6a, 7a, 8a, as pets and husband were up and noisy. I felt like I could have slept longer if only I could be assured it would be solid, but I gave up. Figured I could nap later on, but never felt the need.

Healthy Movement: Ankles & lower legs very achey, glutes a bit sore yet. Rest day for lifting tomorrow plus two straight running days Tues/Wed. Aches are better than last week, not quite flinching, but close. Cue winter-running anxiety.

Fun & Play: Sleeping in. Enough productivity to go ahead and slack off for a good chunk of the day: a perfect balance. Packaging Xmas gifts and realizing I've got it just right this year - makes me happy.

Grateful: For a no-shoes day. A great prediction of a good day is whether or not I had to put on shoes, and today I did not. The farthest I went was the basement, in slippers. Winning!

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