Sunday, December 1

Nutrition: Still felt awful all morning. Didn't even have coffee. First & only meal at 3p, but I did find the ability to make some cookies in afternoon. No ability to go shopping for salad veg, so food options for the week aren't too good.

Sleep: 8.75 hours in bed, 915p-6a, 82% quality. Woke constantly. Up at 3a for bathroom and water, fell back easily. Probably could've slept longer, but dogs & hubs were up. I relocated to the couch with my pillows & blanket, and vegged there until 10a, when I returned to bed for a solid 2-hour nap. Lovely.

Healthy Movement: Ugh, not much. Spent most of the day curled up in pain or napping or sitting in a recliner. Depressing, given nice winter weather and able trail-running partners. Did manage 5x4 chins when I started feeling better; guts cramped after the first two sets, but I persevered. 350 to go!

Fun & Play: Pet-bonding time. GF choco-chip cookies that actually turned out pretty darn good. Husband time.

Grateful: For no plans to miss out on by being sick.

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