Saturday, November 30

Nutrition: Normal morning but felt incredibly awful 1p onward, & didn't eat much of anything. Guts just as angry as they can get without puking.

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 930p-5a, 76% quality. Less than ideal, could've slept another hour easily, but up for run. Napped 3-5p, but it wasn't too restful. 

Healthy Movement: Pretty creaky at start of 6.62m run, but things turned around. Able to push speed halfway through, and finished feeling pretty strong. After that, 100% sitting, at breakfast, then NSS work, then sickbed. 

About 1p I felt horrid. Guts turning, shivering, tired, foggy brain; everything ached and I couldn't even stand upright without pain. Struggled to finish my work, headed home, drank some senna tea & ate a banana, went to bed. Got up feeling just as awful. Guts like hangover guts or too-much-coffee guts but never ending. Food poisoning? Eating sounded good but also terrible. Drank water. Almost puked at smell of Hop's supper. Crackers sounded good but of course not an option. FML.

Hanky boy kept nice and close as I curled up in the bathroom and anticipated vomiting:

My little buddy.
Started to feel better at 9p, though still not normal at all. 

Fun & Play: Great run, great breakfast, great workday at NSS. Left some thankful love notes tucked in drawers to give them all a Monday boost (glad I did it first off while I still felt good, otherwise they wouldn't have happened). Well behaved pets and a silly Hanky sleeping in a box. 

Grateful: That I felt terrible in the second half of the day, not the first. 

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