Saturday, December 7

Nutrition: Thinking strictly in terms of fuel today. Lame, but also good.

Sleep: 7 hours in bed, 945p-445a, 85% quality. Slept solidly and woke naturally, though I wish it had been later. Not sure why I woke, just grateful to see it wasn't 230a when I did. Should've turned in earlier, dunno why I do that!

Healthy Movement: Body feels pretty good, low back is happy; do feel yesterday's leg raises a little, nicely done. Ran on tiny track at YMCA - run 5 minutes, do 2 pull-ups, to stay sane - but knees & hips didn't like all that turning and within 10 minutes I knew 30 should be my limit. Felt like I was running on a serious leftward slant. So I decided to just walk another 90 minutes, and do a single pull-up every single lap. After about 16 (13.5 laps to make a mile) I had to take a clicker to tally them up. Hit 85 total, then logged another 5+5+6 NG pulls at NSS to hit 101 for the day morning. (All dead hang, no less.) Pretty nutso, right? Yes, even I can admit that. They still felt easy, though, what what!! And I won't do any more until Tuesday, plenty of time to recover and get stronger. Afterward: shins a bit sore, feet sore from new shoes, hips giving some slight long-run aches, think I judged perfectly. Except for the pull-up foolishness: neck area started seriously tightening up. Sat on duff for rest of the day.

Fun & Play: Kitty snuggles in the AM. YMCA adventures. Super productive at NSS, the hour FLEW by, though I did pause to absorb some sun in a cat-like fashion...see below. Productive night at home. Snugly kitty. Hot tub.

Grateful: For sunshine.

And empty buildings!

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