Saturday, December 28

Nutrition: Bit much today, due to pistachios, delicious pistachios! On the other hand, I didn't eat from 1-8p and wasn't hungry in the slightest. Weird.

Acne: Had egg yolks at breakfast, at a restaurant, not planned, but I'm not going to a small-town divey diner and getting egg whites, not when they can make me perfect basted eggs with my slab of ham! Thus I am still delaying my GF toast testing. Have had some small reactions this week, nothing major, but want to start with a clean slate.

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 9p-445a, 67% quality. Up at 10p (had not fallen asleep), up again just before 2a (dogs), took a while to fall back. If not for nice temps & ROUS group breakfast, I might have slept in. Laid down for a nap 10a-1p, took until 11a (at least) to fall asleep. Helped.

Healthy Movement: Body feeling good. 6.4m run was as good as I can ask for, and shin is improving. I nearly didn't nap, because I felt so good, but I want to start my long-run routine whether I need it or not. Thought of today as a deload day so that I didn't add any more miles or push past body happiness, despite feeling capable of a lot more, both mentally & physically. Went snow-shoeing in the afternoon, but the awkwardness bothered my IT band a wee bit, so I kept that short. Stood in 1"-heeled boots for a few hours in eve.

Fun & Play: Group run in Xmas get-ups, followed by group breakfast (bought by our chief ROUSer!). Laziness at home. Snowshoe outing to enjoy the beautiful temps. Date with Holea to hang with [part of] the NSS crew to celebrate CJ's wife, which was really lovely. Surprisingly fine mentally as they heatedly discussed who has the best pizza in Alex, or how "impossible" it is to avoid grains & dairy (um...), but did get a little sad when they discussed the upcoming staff party, to which I am not invited. Understandably so, but really it just sounds like such FUN hanging with them all, that I wish I could be a part of it even if I paid for my share. On the other hand, I am a fuddy duddy who doesn't drink and gets cranky tired by 10p, so maybe I wouldn't be that fun for THEM.

Grateful: For outdoor plans on a lovely day.

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