Saturday, December 21

Nutrition: Feeling like a person who enjoys food again, after landing some jerky snacks.

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 930p-5a, 71% quality. Totally accurate; Hop came home at 2a, I got up for bathroom, water, walnuts, but could not fall back for nothing. Cats wild. Dogs noisy. Husband snoring. Brain racing. There was one point where I shoved both cats off the bed and quietly yelled "Fuck you all!" But I still got up to run, hooray ROUS! Post-post-run-bath, I went back to bed to nap, 1030a-1230p; nothing solid, but it was relaxing.

Healthy Movement: Glutes & hams still very sore, but legs were overall better than last Saturday. Tired but body was basically fine. Latched onto Dan for the 7m run, and did a fair job of mentally zoning out. Shins ached sharply to start, better by the end. Skipped YakTrax. Stayed more evenly-footed with such low traffic, even though we went right up & down Broadway. After getting home I iced the right shin while eating breakfast, then I took a long, relaxing bath, courtesy of goodies from my Buddy: tasty tea, yummy epsom salt, a candle, and no time limit. I also shaved off some serious calluses; think this upkeep may be more important than I've been doing. Logged pull-ups throughout the day, 7 sets of 6. Let the swinging happen and just tried to observe my natural kip motions to think about how they'd translate to a muscle-up. Shins ached quite a bit late eve, near wincing level on stairs; felt all-over creaky after a few hour of sitting.

Fun & Play: Morning run. Relaxation. Nap. Beautiful nature. Dogs bouncing around in the snow. Laughing at myself getting stuck in the driveway yet again to kick off Winter. Shopping, again buying myself a bunch of stuff (book, workout gear, snacks). Donated to a pal's fundraising cause. Family Xmas in eve, followed with a WalMart trip to complete all shopping. 

Grateful: That my patient husband now has a pickup, so he can tow me out of snow banks, even when said snow banks are in my own driveway.

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