Saturday, December 14

Nutrition: Packed along a ton of food for the weekend, including an experiment mixing banana chips, macadamia nuts, and cinnamon (GDBD). Big ol' slab of prime rib at supper made up for sadness from lunch when everyone ate giant burgers and perfect fries and worse (husband: pork brisket, topped with bacon, BBQ sauce, & cole slaw, with grilled cheese sandwiches as the bread...f'real!).

Sleep: 7.25 hours in bed, 915p-430a, 83% quality. Felt much worse. Woke constantly, and seriously debated skipping the run, but decent once I got up & moving. 

Healthy Movement: Right inner shin still aches. Run didn't feel good, and I wasn't mentally tough enough to push the full distance, chopped off about 15-20 minutes. Hams dead tired. Calves nearly cramped up on the drive home, never had that before. 

Shins ACHE on insides, right one badly enough to make me wince on stairs. There will be a zero day en la maƱana.

Fun & Play: Family outing to veterans' cemetery and to hotel. Water park was more viewing than joining because I am a fuddy duddy (auto correct said "fussy sudsy" which may be the polar opposite of me!) who doesn't like swimming, but the kids (and big kids) had a blast. 

Grateful: For dog-loving friends.

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