Monday, December 9

Nutrition: Not hungry. Didn't eat enough.

Sleep: 8.75 hours in bed, 915p-6a, 87% quality. Woke naturally at 5a, dozed until getting up, felt even more solid than 87%. No more Monday classes in December, this is the best way to start off the week, lotsa sleep!

Healthy Movement: Some low-back twinges this AM. Right hip still aches. STUPID TRACK! Nothing lingering from the pull-ups, that's pretty impressive! Ran 20 minutes outside, slow & slippery even with YakTrax; came back in and put on 20 minutes on the treadmill, though only 10 running, becuase I was barefoot. All felt fine.

Fun & Play: Tiny cookie treats to the team. Triumphing over Ma Nature's brutality, for at least 20 minutes.

Stress Management: Today I got into trouble for this comment:

Someone, or maybe many someones (due to the nature of going to Team Relations, one never can know the slightest detail), took this to mean I was legitimately saying that Brian is better than all of the other people he works with, rather than what I meant: that he is incapable of not caring about his job, and chooses to be a good person & continue to do his best regardless of what anyone else does.

And it hurt my feelings that someone seriously went to Team Relations to complain about it. They couldn't say anything to me directly, or ask for clarification, but more importantly, they clearly wanted me to get into trouble. Despite the fact that I've organized treats for the warehouse team many times over the years, I've worked in the warehouse each time they've needed help (in fact I rearranged my schedule last Friday to help), and I spent my own money just last week to anonymously give them treats during this crappy overtime-packed timeframe.

But no matter, my comment is interpreted in the worst possible way, and most likely no one would've noticed except that I'm a lead so I am set apart, I'm different, and I'm suspect. I can't just cheer up a friend without thinking of the fact that I'm a lead; I must be very careful with every word I say.

Honestly, I am truly failing to recognize the benefits of leadership. BEING ME was what got me into my lead position. And then immediately, I need to change and stop being me. Fuck that.

Grateful: That Joy introduced me to this jerky. Everything about this package says SABRINA, EAT ME:

Eat excellent. Be excellent. PORK. High in Protein. Gluten free. There's even a runner in the top right corner!

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