Monday, December 30

Nutrition: Did a little anxiety-eating in the morning (coconut butter) regarding 15 pull-ups. Why do I put such pressure on myself?! But then: I saw that Dustin ordered a few sets of rings this AM. One of the sets is for ME at HOME. So since I'm already gearing up for my next level of bad-assery (muscle-ups! on rings!), that suddenly made the 15 pulls seem more like a foregone conclusion. A little confidence from the Chief, suddenly I'm all cool smooth jazz. I also managed to NOT celebrate session PRs (or Bacon Day) with food, WOW! (ETA: okay, I did have an 8pm macaroon, but it wasn't even that good. Stupid sugar dragon, your death has made everything bleah.)

Sleep: 8.75 hours in bed, 830p-515a, 94% quality. Not quite that good, but close. Took a while to fall asleep (at least 9p), woke when Hop got up with Lexi but fell back quickly, then woke on my own thinking it was probably time to get up - and it was only 130a. (So what damn time did that dog go out?!) Fell back easily, but then woke at 3a, 4a, 5a. Still, got up feeling fairly rested. A before-bed bath surely helped, I rolled into bed feeling like a baby sloth.

Healthy Movement: Right shin hurts a bit today on steps, so maybe it was there yesterday but since I didn't hit any steps thus didn't notice? Other than the stairs, I didn't notice it rest of today. Glutes oddly are a touch sore. Too much sitting on 'em yesterday? Session was bomb dig. Got my 15 pulls (barely) plus a total-rep PR plus crossed 5200, got big plates on my squats (first time in ages), nailed 120 bench for the second time plus tried a second rep (pinned), and just plain had fun every second! Could only have improved by having my Buddy there with me.

Fun & Play: Elfing a cookie delivery in the AM. Rings ordered! Super busy and productive work morning. Good morale among the team.

Nice chats with a couple beloved pals, including Terri who finally took my advice to create a Vision-type file and collected all kinds of nice notes and messages and pictures and whatnot into one place and was filled chock-full of warm fuzzies and only wishes she had done it sooner. So...what are YOU waiting for? Same Terri also received the Caribou coffee I sent her, a delicious taste of her home state to ease her homesickness.

Delightful session plus bonus chatting with NSS peeps and my session partner (also a coworker, runner, & analyst - we're made to be pals!).

And Holea said I've inspired her to try doing 15 of something every day in 2014, she just hasn't figured out what. I told her: squats. And then she should also multiply the weights for a total iron squatted number. It's gotta be like half a million, right?

Man, I'm just pleased as punch at this day!

Grateful: For a much-improved forecast; the New Year's Day run is going to be above zero, not -12F!

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