Monday, December 23

Nutrition: Easy. But starting to see some acne creep in: whey, or the mixed nuts? Le sigh. Going to keep the nuts, nix the whey, give it a few days.

Sleep: 9.25 hours in bed, 845p-6a, 97% quality. Lies, damned lies! Dogs were both up at 130a (with the hubs, I just woke too late to be the instigator) and I had to get up for bathroom, water, few mixed nuts. Took AGES to fall back, busy brain. My sleep graph shows me being up 1-3a; how does that lend to a 97% quality, even at that much quantity? That's bad math. And on top of that, it's missing me waking up at 4a, too. GD, I am tired of these animals getting up in the middle of the night.

Healthy Movement: Shins improved. Still there. Lower body much improved from last week, but in session, squats were still a bit on the "meh" end of the spectrum. Upper body is sah-mashing, though! SO CLOSE to 15 pulls. You will be mine, one-five. Oh yes, you WILL be mine.

Building up some confidence. 17 weeks to Boston. Next week is 1+ week, and then I think I may need to lay on Dustin to ease off the lower body, not just press forward and "see what happens" then back off if/when things hit a wall. Be all adult and prioritize and shit. Luckily, upper body can continue marching on, which makes me very happy.

Fun & Play: Friday mode on a Monday! Ran into a runner coworker pal & commisserated over the sadness that is winter running. Also, she told me she can't make bacon without thinking of me. (Squee!) Decent work day, though under-productive with Friday-mode. Received gift card to Elden's from my peeps; happy they didn't try to go with a restaurant. Fantastic session, including seeing little Super Girl Alana. Reassurance from Dustin that I'm not being a brat about the gift exchange. Stuck around for a bit to sleuth out a billing issue for Holea, little bonus dose of NSS. Nice eve at home, chatty husband, and SO HAPPY to be looking forward to two days of sleeping in.

Grateful: For my direct reports. They're good peeps.

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